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Melanie Lansdown

Accredited Nutritionist

Melanie has had a love for food from a young age, she has her father to thank for that. He was always serving up delicious foods and experimenting with different cuisines, exposing her to flavours most her age were not experiencing. She was even making her school lunches from a young age, as the standard sandwiches being served up were not cutting it – can we also say she is quite strong-willed..!

Her second love was travel, prior to studying nutrition Melanie was a travel agent and spent most of her 20’s travelling the world and living abroad. This love for travel and food was the perfect combination. Eating local foods, and seeing the connection between culture and food is one of her favourite things and what sparked Melanie to move back to Australia, after living in the UK, to pursue her passion for nutrition and education.

Melanie completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition at Endeavour College in Sydney in 2017 and is a registered member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). One of Melanie’s biggest takeaways from her time studying and practising as a clinical nutritionist is that everyone is unique, and has their own health history, and therefore there is not one diet that fits all.

Melanie works from a holistic perspective and will consider diet intake, life events, health history, lifestyle, and stressors when looking at your health, diet is only a small part of it. She has been working within Women’s Health for the last two years and feels she’s found her tribe of people to help. Women are complex beings; hormones play a pivotal role in overall health.

Daily stressors and the impact of busy lives can easily disrupt the equilibrium. Melanie looks to balance this through dietary and lifestyle changes to get her clients feeling their best selves.

Melanie moved back to Canberra in 2021, to be closer to family and friends and jump full-time into nutrition. When Melanie isn’t frequenting the farmers market on the weekend, on the netball court, yoga mat or out in the bush hiking up a mountain, she is spending time with her friends, and family, or doing something silly with her nephews.

Special Interests: Digestive health, female health, menstrual conditions – PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, stress/burnout, weight management