Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is suitable for everyone, as it is an inclusive workout method. Whether you’re a budding athlete, office worker, a mum-to-be, a tradie or new to working out, reformer pilates will help develop your entire body.

A reformer Pilates machine is used in various ways to benefit strength, flexibility and balance.

Most movements involve pushing or pulling the platform against the spring resistance, controlling the movement back, or holding it in place, which can be done by either standing, sitting or even upside down!

Designed to improve core stability, strength and flexibility, reformer Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that encourages muscles to work seamlessly together while minimising load and impact on your joints.

At Sound CBR, our reformer Pilates classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists and trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This means you’ll get the right cues and corrections to work hard towards your personal goals.

We recommend booking an Exercise Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists prior to attending class if;

  • You are new to Pilates
  • Are pregnant
  • Are carrying an injury
  • Or its been a while since you exercised

These one-on-one appointments allow our Physiotherapists to;

  • Take a detailed history of any presenting condition
  • Teach you the correct technique of activating your deeper core, so you get the most from class
  • Show you some of the basics
  • Provide you with tips for modifications if needed so you can go into class feeling confident


Sound Reformer Pilates

Sound Reformer Pilates is a 50min total body workout that aims to improve complete body strength with a particular focus on the core, general flexibility and mobility.
Our classes are suited for everyone from beginner to intermediate, and options will be offered based on experience and ability.

Sound reformer Pilates is led with inclusive language and phat-beats, creating an enlivening experience that invites people of all backgrounds to participate. This method is low-impact, beginner-friendly, and accessible for all ages.

Grip socks are required and don’t forget to bring your water bottle and a sweat towel!



Sound Expecting Mamas

During pregnancy, the female body undergoes amazing changes so maintaining your exercise regime is important for not only your physical health but your mental health also.

Our classes are 45 minutes and are led by our team of women’s health physios. Our team will guide you through specific exercises to suit everyone’s abilities and limitations.

During class, our team will be able to assist with offering alternative cues which means you can continue to exercise right through your pregnancy up to 37 weeks.

Our classes are designed to have a social element providing an opportunity to discuss all topics from pregnancy wear to prams to pelvic floor recovery!

Depending on your health cover these classes are private health relatable. To understand more about this just chat with one of our friendly team for more information.

Grip socks are required and don’t forget to bring your water

Sound Mamas

Designed for the Mamas, this 45min class is accessible once your little human is at least 8 weeks old.  The class has a strong focus on regaining core strength and support as well as pelvic floor recovery.

Pre-crawling little humans are welcome to attend in a pram, carrier or hang out on a blanket, but keep in mind the class focus is to help support you in your postnatal recovery.

Things to know prior to coming:

  • Little humans have to be pre-crawlers only (it’s a safety thing!)
  • A pelvic floor physio assessment or clearance from a women’s health physio is required prior to attending (we need to know it’s safe for you to exercise!)
  • Bringing your baby is not compulsory (It’s ok to just have some mum time – no judgement here!)

Grip socks are required and don’t forget to bring your water

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