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Tracey Murray

Yoga Instructor

Tracey has a nurturing energy and is passionate about holistic wellbeing. Tracey practiced yoga for 8 years and started whilst pregnant with her first child to have time out, relax and feel good. Since then, Tracey has developed a deep love and gratitude for yoga. It’s allowed her to be more self-aware, healthy and take conscious steps in life. She practices yoga to cultivate a balanced lifestyle and be the best version of herself.

Tracey offers a deep combination of vinyasa flows, mindfulness, pranayama (breath control) and energetics. She infuses movement with breath to allow people to balance emotions, strengthen bodies, clear minds and open hearts. You may be challenged, but you’ll be supported every step of the way. Tracey’s hope is for you to trust yourself and do what you feel in any given moment, and that you practice from a place of intention to enrich and support your mind, body and soul.