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Caitlin Butt


Caitlin is a qualified Naturopath, with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Her interest in natural health began as a child and has been an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember. Caitlin’s passion is supporting women to feel at their best. The modern woman is often wearing many hats, juggling many roles which can take a toll on her body and her health. Caitlin takes a holistic view of your health, with a focus on prevention and finding the root cause.

Caitlin has a special interest in supporting women with their health after her journey through her own health issues and motherhood. Caitlin knows the importance of the role of natural medicine alongside the traditional medical system, and takes an integrative approach to her patient’s care though a range of functional testing, in-depth case taking, lifestyle, dietary and herbal medicine support.

Caitlin supports women with a range of concerns, her areas of interest are:

  • Women’s reproductive health
  • Stress support
  • Gut support
  • Sleep support
  • Energy levels

When Caitlin isn’t supporting women with their health you can find her enjoying time with her little ones and family, reading, exploring or brunching at local cafes.