At Sound, our Psychologists will work with you to understand and develop the tools to support and manage a range of challenges that can impact your health, relationships, work, and other areas of life that matter to you.

Our goal is to help you build the life you want, using evidence-based practices in cognitive, behavioural, and mindfulness therapies tailored to you as an individual.

Reasons you might see one of our Psychologists include:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depressed mood and energy
  • emotion regulation
  • trauma, grief and loss
  • adjustment to life transitions or change
  • relationships and parenting challenges
  • social difficulties
  • and managing anger

However, if you feel your concerns do not match these examples, we welcome you to contact us to discuss further.

What to expect during your appointment

All Psychology sessions at Sound are 50 mins in duration. At your first session, your Psychologist will listen to what has been happening for you and what you would like to work on. Part of this session will also include gathering some background and contact information. They will also discuss the role of confidentiality, therapeutic options, and how you may be able to use Medicare to claim partial rebates for your sessions.

If you already have a referral and Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, please bring them for your appointment. At subsequent sessions, your Psychologist will work with you towards your therapeutic goals. This is done by developing strategies to support this that you can practice between sessions.

Psychology treatment rebates are available through most private health insurance funds. We support this and have HICAPS facilities to claim this rebate. We can process Medicare rebates after your appointment and full payment has been made.