Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine which aims to treat the root cause of your health concerns and bring your body back to a state of balance. Naturopathy has a strong focus on preventative, collaborative and holistic care. A Naturopath aims to treat the person as a whole to achieve long-term results, rather than just addressing symptoms.

Our Naturopath can help with many areas including:

  • Women’s reproductive health
  • Digestive complaints (Never been well since recently being sick or having a stomach bug?)
  • Skin health
  • Energy and stress support
  • Anxiety, sleep, and mood support (Trouble sleeping or struggling with low energy levels?)
  • Thyroid health
  • Immune support (Do you get regular colds and flus?)
  • Weight management
  • Lastly, you might have been told everything looks normal, but you just aren’t feeling your best

What happens during a consult?

A consult with a Naturopath will involve in-depth questioning about your current health, medical history, lifestyle, and diet to understand your body holistically. A personalised treatment plan will be provided which includes dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations. A herbal and/or nutritional prescription may be provided to support your health journey. You may work together with your Naturopath for a few months – this can be less or more depending on the severity of the case.

We believe in the power of referral and having a team of healthcare professionals managing your health and aim to work collaboratively for the best possible outcomes for you.