Barre is a dynamic and engaging movement class with high energy. Inspired by a mix of ballet, yoga, Pilates and HIIT, Barre combines elements of each of these exercises into a single muscle burning workout.

Despite the name suggesting that this is a dance class, no prior dance or ballet background is required.  In a typical Barre class at Sound CBR, you will find that it is all about muscle endurance through high reps, which results in a complete body workout.

Equipment in classes can vary from the use of a barre or equivalent, to resistance bands, hand weights or simply relying on your own body weight. Either way, all equipment is provided all you need to do is bring along a positive attitude and be ready to work!

We recommend booking an Exercise Appointment with one of our Physiotherapists prior to attending class if;

  • You are new to Pilates
  • Are pregnant
  • Are carrying an injury
  • Or its been a while since you practiced

These one on one appointments allow our Physiotherapists to;

  • Take a detailed history of any presenting condition
  • Teach you correct technique of activating your deeper core so you get the most from class
  • Show you some of the basics
  • Provide you with tips for modifications if needed so you can go into class feeling confident


Sound Barre

Sound Barre is a fierce and efficient 45min total body workout utilising endurance building isometric movements, heart-pumping cardio bursts, and enrapturing music and rhythm. Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, HIIT, and strength training, Sound Barre is a dynamic and engaging class. Sound Barre is led with inclusive language and dope music, creating an enlivening experience that invites people of all backgrounds to participate. This method is low impact, beginner-friendly, and accessible for all ages.

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